Social Media Community Guidelines

The Barro’s Pizza social media pages are community forums for our customers to share their experiences with us. We encourage conversations regarding our food, atmosphere, customer service and employees that you love, things happening in the community, as well as any great stories that you have from visiting our restaurants.  We welcome you and are excited that you have joined us online!


Purpose of Barro’s Pizza Social Media Pages

  • Barro’s Pizza can be found beyond its brick-and-mortar stores on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Being family owned and operated Barro’s Pizza wants to continue any conversations possible with our customers through our online channels.


House Rules

  • Conversation and interaction are encouraged, however:
    • Any abusive, off-topic, fraudulent or offensive comments or language will not be tolerated and will immediately be removed.
    • Comments, photos, videos, and links posted that are reviewed as spam, in violation of intellectual property or inappropriate in nature will be removed.
    • People who are continually detrimental to others’ enjoyment of this page risk being permanently removed as fans.
  • We will respond to any customer services questions on our social media pages within 24-48 hours.
  • In addition to the rights you grant to social media sites that you sign up for, by posting on Barro’s Pizza social media pages, tagging us or using the hashtags #BarrosPizza or #Barros you grant us the permission to share your photos and comments on any of our online website and social networking platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or in conjunction with other materials of Barro’s Pizza sole choosing, without prior notice to you and the photo/comment may not be attributed to you. This includes email marketing and text messaging.


Official social media accounts for Barro’s Pizza include:


Barro’s Pizza Employees

  • The official Barro’s Pizza social media team, corporate management or store management should be the only persons responding to customer inquiries or criticism.
  • To avoid confusion, please do not respond directly to any customer inquiries that require an official company response. If you notice something that may need attention, please send the content in question to
  • Social media pages and email accounts are not permitted to be created by an employee without the approval of Bruce Barro, Mike Barro, Ken Barro, and the official social media team. This helps keep content regarding the Barro’s Pizza brand in a central location for the best experience for the customers.
  • For both Barro’s Pizza and Non-Barro’s Pizza Hosted Sites
    • While we encourage Barro’s Pizza employees to join our social media communities and interact with our pages, we encourage you to direct any complaints or concerns about your job or working environment to your store management team.